Jan 26, 2013

Mourning After - Article

And the last one from Cryptic Times #4!

Gorgons - Interview

From Cryptic Times #4.

Dead Beatniks - Article

From Cryptic Times #4.

Double Naught Spys - Article

From Cryptic Times #4.

Woggles - Article

From Cryptic Times #4.

Cryptics - Interview

From Cryptic Times #4.

Undertakers - Interview

Interview with the 90s band from the U.S., not to be confused with one of the other 100 bands who picked that name. From Cryptic Times #4.

Cosmic Dropouts - Interview

From Cryptic Times #4 ('92)

Action Scene '85

Exhaustive scene report from 99th Floor #6 from '85. Ron talks about the Californian, NY, rest of the U.S. and European scene and mention some of your fav' bands such as the Gravedigger V, Lyres, Tell-Tale Hearts, the Brood etc...

Chesterfield Kings - Interview

Interview with Greg of the Chesterfield Kings for The Mole issue of October '84.