Dec 7, 2008

Tell-Tale Hearts - Article

Third post about the Tell-Tale Hearts, and it s the same story, they hate the production of their 1st album etc...but you know you're gonna read it all the same!

Beeville Hive V - Interview

And while we're at it, here's an interview with another band from Edinburgh. Talking about the scene and bands such as the Green Telescope/Thanes , the Stayrcase etc...

Green Telescope - Article

Last one from Bucketfull Of Brains #16.

Dogs - Article

Article about this awesome French band. Check them out if you don't know their sound yet.
Bucketfull Of Brains # 16

Moffs - Interview

And here's another interview with an Australian band. Also from Bucketfull Of Brains #16

Stems - Interview with Dom Mariani

Interview with Dom Mariani. Bucket Full Of Brains #16

Vipers - Interview with Jon Weiss

Interview with Jon Weiss. Fuzbrains #9

Boys From Nowhere - Interview with Mick Divvens

Goofy interview with Mick Divvens and James Castoe. Fuzbrains #11

Crimson Shadows - Interview

Another one on the Crimon Shadows. Fuzbrains #11

Nov 27, 2008

Crimson Shadows - Article

Mystery Scene#1

Backdoor Men - Article

Another Swedish band-another Mystery Scene article.

Cornflake Zoo - Article

Mystery Scene #1. It's really a shame no other issue ever got out 'cause as far as bands selection and informative articles, I really think it was the best 'zine. And you should see who they had planned for #2...yup really too bad it never made it...

Stomachmouths - Article

And to finish with the Swedish bands, an article on the coolest one of them all. Also from Mystery Scene #1

Nov 26, 2008

Sick Rose - Article

Another short one from Mystery Scene #1.

Broken Jug - Article

Short article from Mystery Scene#1.

Green Telescope - Article

In case you didn't know, that band later became the Thanes. Soon another article 'bout them. Mystery Scene#1

Tell-Tale Hearts - Article

Another band that's featured in almost every issue of almost every fanzine. And they deserve it being one of the coolest R&B band from that time. Mystery Scene#1

Fuzztones - Article

Another Fuzztones article. Kinda hard to avoid them as every single fanzine seems to dedicate at least a couple page to the band. This one's from Mystery Scene#1

Plasticland - Article

A pretty good in-depth article from Mystery Scene #1.

Miracle Workers - Article

Still from Mystery Scene's only issue.

Nov 25, 2008

Tryfles - Article

Ok I'll post that one because I really like the band, but the article won't tell you much really.... I just like the goofy looking Tryfles characters on the side...Trash Beat #2

Chesterfield Kings - Interview with Greg Prevost

Interview with Greg Prevost...Trash Beat #2