Nov 27, 2012

Offhooks - Article

Oops, actually there's one more from Feline Frenzy. Here 'tis.

Thanes - Article

And the last one from Feline Frenzy!

Chessmen - Article

This one is kinda hard to read because of that crappy font, even on the printed version of...Feline Frenzy #8.

Cryptones - Article

 After the Cryptics, here come the CrypTONES...Feline Frenzy #8

Cryptics - Article

And one more from Feline Frenzy!

Creatures Of Golden Dawn - Article

 Sill from Feline Frenzy.

Flypped Whigs - Q&A

Goofy Q&A, once again from Feline Frenzy #8.

Sound Explosion - Interview

This awesome Greek band featured in Feline Frenzy #8.

Brood - Interview

Here's an interview and pretty lo-fi pictures of the Brood, the coolest girl band of the '80s! Still from Feline Frenzy #8

Hoods - Article

Here comes the first of MANY articles in Feline Frenzy #8, issued in 1993. This one about California's The Hoods featuring among others ex-Tell-Tale Heats' Mike Stax.

Chesterfield Kings - Quick Q&A

The last one from 99th Floor #4.

Lyres - Interview

Also from 99th Floor #4, here's an interview with Lyres.

Unclaimed - Article

Small article about the Unclaimed taken from 99th Floor #4

99th Floor - Interview

Fear not, as I am back with plenty more interviews to share! You didn't expect that after a 3 years hiatus, did ya? To start, here's one of Luca of Italian garage combo 99th Floor and Sick Rose taken from Freakout USA #2 originally issued in '96. Dig it!