Nov 27, 2008

Crimson Shadows - Article

Mystery Scene#1

Backdoor Men - Article

Another Swedish band-another Mystery Scene article.

Cornflake Zoo - Article

Mystery Scene #1. It's really a shame no other issue ever got out 'cause as far as bands selection and informative articles, I really think it was the best 'zine. And you should see who they had planned for #2...yup really too bad it never made it...

Stomachmouths - Article

And to finish with the Swedish bands, an article on the coolest one of them all. Also from Mystery Scene #1

Nov 26, 2008

Sick Rose - Article

Another short one from Mystery Scene #1.

Broken Jug - Article

Short article from Mystery Scene#1.

Green Telescope - Article

In case you didn't know, that band later became the Thanes. Soon another article 'bout them. Mystery Scene#1

Tell-Tale Hearts - Article

Another band that's featured in almost every issue of almost every fanzine. And they deserve it being one of the coolest R&B band from that time. Mystery Scene#1

Fuzztones - Article

Another Fuzztones article. Kinda hard to avoid them as every single fanzine seems to dedicate at least a couple page to the band. This one's from Mystery Scene#1

Plasticland - Article

A pretty good in-depth article from Mystery Scene #1.

Miracle Workers - Article

Still from Mystery Scene's only issue.

Nov 25, 2008

Tryfles - Article

Ok I'll post that one because I really like the band, but the article won't tell you much really.... I just like the goofy looking Tryfles characters on the side...Trash Beat #2

Chesterfield Kings - Interview with Greg Prevost

Interview with Greg Prevost...Trash Beat #2

Cynics - Article

Good article from What Wave #13 about the early stages of the Cynics.

Royal Nonesuch - Interview

Interview with the awesome Royal Nonesuch.What Wave #13.

Wylde Mammoths - (Another) Interview

Yeah! They might always be the same questions (and answers) but I never get tired of my fav. band's interviews...from What Wave # 13.

Fuzztones - Interview with Jordan Tarlow

Interview with Fuzztones' guitarist Jordan Tarlow, talking about the Fuzztones of course but also about Outta Place and the Morlocks. What Wave #13.

Plan 9 -Interview

Last post from WW # 14. Interview with Plan 9. They're definitely too psych-heavy for my tastes but here 'tis anyway:

Not Quite - Two Articles

Two short ones on Connecticut's Psych group the Not Quite. The 1st from Mystery Scene #1, the second from What Wave # 14.


Nov 13, 2008

Thee Fourgiven - Two Articles

The first article is from Mystery Scene #1.
The second one from What Wave #14 (1989) and won't tell you much you didn't read in the 1st one.


Nov 11, 2008

Mans P. Mansson - Interview

Ex Crimson Shadows/Livingstones and current Maggots frontman gives an interview in Lost in Tyme #2. Also a letter from Mansson to Ron Rimsite of 99th Floor mag. that I found in a copy of the Livingstones 45" that I bought. Get the latest issue of Lost in Tyme at : it has cool interviews of the Cynics, Brood, Cheepskates, Thanes etc...

Gruesomes - Interview

Interview with Canada's best garage punk combo (yup that's my opinion but it's the only one that matters on this blog). This one is not from an 80's fanzine (although the interview was first printed in What Wave magazine in the 80's) but from Lost in Tyme (issue #2), a contemporary fanzine from Greece. You can buy their newest issue on their myspace page :